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Assess your candidate’s skills and job fit with our proctored assessments. We offer general aptitude, Psychometric, IT competency (Programming or Database or Project based) to help you analyze the quality of your candidate’s. Pick your assessments and hire the best fit.
How It Works?
Create Your Assessment
Choose our predefined assessments for the skills you need or add individual questions from question bank to a new empty Assessment. You can also create your own custom question bank and add questions to build an assessment tailored to your needs.
Invite Candidates
Save time by inviting all your candidates to an assessment through one simple user interface. Enter their email addresses or bulk upload, choose a deadline for an assessment, and hit the invite button.
Candidate takes the Assessment
The Invited candidates will receive an email with a link to the online assessment. Candidates take the assessment from the comfort of their homes at their convenience.
Rank & Hire Top Talent
All candidates will be sorted and graded into PASS or FAIL. We also provide a feature to filter the candidates on various parameters and notify candidates by sending them pass or fail emails. You can download and use the assessment report to ask the candidate for more details during an interview
Assessment Types
ConfigUSA offers the best Hiring and Learning solution for any industry
General Aptitude Test
Assess candidates on Verbal, Non-Verbal, Logical, and IQ for multiple roles to ascertain their analytical and problem-solving skills.
Conduct online programming challenges on C, C++, JAVA, C#, Python, JavaScript and PHP. ConfigUSA supports 13 different programming languages to evaluate candidates hands-on Technical, Logical and Problem-Solving skills.
Psychometric Test
Evaluate candidate psychological compatibility with eliminating deficiencies in a face-to-face interview process. ConfigUSA supports Big-5 and RIASEC personality Tests.
Real Project Based
Evaluate candidates with Real projects which includes different layers, Front end, Business Logic and Database programming. ConfigUSA supports assessments for .NET Full stack, Java Full Stack and MEAN Stack.
Ways To Use Our Hiring & Assessment Solutions
Campus Recruitment